Brazilian Blowout products ensure big profits for spas and salons

73-74_MSM_Jul15-1Brazilian Blowout has swept the globe as an innovative and highly successful product line.

By revolutionizing the process of smoothing, fortifying, and beautifying all kinds of hair, Brazilian Blowout was an instant hit with salons and their clientele. With just a £450 investment you can get up to 34 treatments and a salon can generate between £6000 and £13000 in revenue. And because the products are so dependable and unique, there’s simply the task of advertising the availability and clients come running. From Brazil to the UK, women with all hair types are benefitting from the incredible line of Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing treatments.

This is the only product on the market that provides immediate results. clients can go home right after a Brazilian Blowout treatment and wash or style their hair as they like without losing the incredible effects. there’s no three day waiting time, as with other smoothing products. And unlike other products that have attempted to give a similar look, Brazilian Blowout actually works well on a wide range of hair types. From fair, caucasian hair to strong, Afro hair, Brazilian Blowout produces results. Other products simply do not work on all hair types. if it’s strong enough for Afro hair, it won’t work on caucasian hair, and vice versa. Brazilian Blowout provides the answer for everyone.

Larger Quantity Bottles By Popular Demand
Brazilian Blowout has launched a larger, 25oz masque in order to provide the necessary product to salon owners. With so many customers clamoring for the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing treatment, salons are finding it makes sense to invest in a larger, better value masque. But of course the 8oz tube is still available to those who are not interested in the big investment just yet.


73-74_MSM_Jul15-2Newly Launched Brazilian Blowout Products
in addition to the basic product line which has been available in the UK for a while, there are a few new products which are just now becoming available to the UK market. the products that salons use to complete a Brazilian Blowout treatment are one way that salons are making big money, but to add to that revenue stream, you can also now provide take-home products which can be used to improve results and even lengthen the life of each Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing treatment.

Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil
Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil is a product that uses the powerful antioxidants found in Acai berries alongside a smoothing oil that won’t weigh hair down. The hair follicles absorb Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil quickly, and it is so light weight that clients are not risking an oily look.

Damaged hair is virtually reconstructed by this powerful product, keeping hair smooth, silky, and light for longer. It is also good for use whether hair is dry or wet, and has no effect on the colour of hair.

73-74_MSM_Jul15-3Acai Flexible Molding Clay Wax
The Acai Flexible Molding clay Wax seems to defy what has been previously possible in a hair styling product. Without looking greasy or adding weight and flatness to hair, the Molding clay Wax allows for incredible hold for styling of all hair types. Hair can be shaped, defined, and remains flexible and healthy looking. For more control over styles, this product cannot be beaten.

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