Sweet Squared are pleased to welcome James Mortimer to the family in the new position of CFO/ COO (Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer).


“This new role is specifically designed to strengthen our team and commitment to delivering the highest service levels possible for our customer,” says Samuel Sweet, Sweet Squared CEO.


“After 6 months of extensive searches and interviews for this position, James was asked how he would feel signing off with ‘Love and Respect’ to which he replied, “Having seen the culture, passion and enthusiasm your team has for the customer and their experience, I would feel honoured because I know that it’s genuine.” Samuel continues…“We knew James had the right skills, but after that, we knew we had our man.”


James is a tall (6’5”) Yorkshire numbers and logistics kind of guy. A qualified accountant with a big personality, love of sport and a serious sense of fun. “I actively seek adventure and embrace challenges with logic, structure, clear communication and processes that work to deliver on our mission to provide excellence for our customer,” he said.


James brings to S2 a very strong and varied background working in finance and logistics with companies ranging from privately owned all the way through to big blue chip. He is passionate about feeling and looking good, is a fitness fanatic and lives with his wife and two sons in West Yorkshire.


For more information please visit www.sweetsquared.com