PHYTO5 have relaunched their Contouring Serum with a brand new ingredient – Delipidol®, a natural active molecule extracted from pomegranate. The Contouring Serum deals with excess fat by limiting its storage, stimulating microcirculation and remineralising the skin in order to give it back its elasticity and reduce orange peel appearance.

Delipidol® is a unique and patented molecule, with proven efficacy, composed of punicic acid, an Omega 5 fatty acid from pomegranate seed oil, and tyrosol, a natural antioxidant. The other key ingredient is green tea extract. Renowned in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the green tea presents various properties. Its high theine content with lipolytic properties makes it an exceptional ingredient for contouring and anti-cellulite treatments. It burns lipids and limits their storage in cells. It is also astringent and toning; it activates the lymphatic circulation and improves the skin quality.

The Contouring Serum is also enriched with unique blends of natural essential oils with energetic properties:

·         Cinnamon – to stimulate vital energy flow.

·         Cinnamon, thyme, mint – to burn fat in the fatty tissue.

·         Niaouli, rosemary, mint – to activate lymph and blood circulation and eliminate toxins.

·         Lemon, eucalyptus, lavender – to firm and tone the skin.

·         Plus vitamin E – mainly used as an antioxidant to protect against free radicals, it also helps maintain elasticity and hydration.

A professional PHYTO5 body treatment using the contouring serum can also include use of the Biodraineur™ machine to further increase lymphatic drainage, eliminate trapped toxins and firm the skin.

A full range of PHYTO5 body products is available to retail for home use so clients can continue to experience the benefits between treatments.

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