Germaine de Capuccini has developed a series of new generation professional peel treatments from the Synergyage line which avoid the downtime and discomfort of traditional peels. Providing excellent results with a high concentration of clinically advanced cosmeceuticals, the new peel treatments reveal rejuvenated, fresher, younger looking skin in an instant. Targetingwrinkles, flaccidity, hyperpigmentation and dry skin, the treatments can be used to as single application or delivered in a course for enhanced results.

The new peels be used in partnership with each other and Pure Retinol 1.0 can be offered as an add on to salon and spa treatments to enhance the benefits boosting hydration, cell renewal and collagen production.

CLINICAL PEEL AOX System (Bionic+ Ferulic)

A powerful anti-ageing peel system designed for optimal tolerance that neutralizes free radicals, unifies the skin tone whilst hydrating and stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Designed to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, irregular skin tone and other imperfections, Clinic Peel AOX System (Bionic + Ferulic) provides instant results from the first treatment, whilst a course (one per week for four weeks) provides improvement of wrinkles, flaccidity, hyperpigmentation and dry skin.

Overcoming the drawbacks of traditional peels CLINICAL PEEL AOX System (Bionic+ Ferulic)

  • Is well-tolerated with no itching or burning
  • Available all year round – it’s not photo-sensitising and can be used in summer
  • Suits all skin types – even sensitive and oily skin

Two step peel with 10% Lactobionic Acid followed by 10% Ferulic Acid

10% Lactobionic Acid

The latest generation of AHAs which are safer, multi‐functional and offer greater exfoliating, antioxidising and hydrating effects. Designed specifically for the treatment of photo‐ aged skin.


  • Exfoliating: powerful exfoliator that reduces the cohesion of the corneocytes and balances the keratinisation process. A transitory exfoliation is produced that results in a reduced and flexible corneal layer.
  • Antioxidising: powerful antioxidising activity by inhibiting the production of free radicals. Maintains the integrity of the dermal structure.
  • Hydrating: highly hygroscopic component that retains, absorbs and assistats water retention in the skin. Strengthens the skin barrier function.
  • Protective: protects and cares for the skin by stimulating the epidermal regeneration, improving the quality of the collagen and elastin fibres whilst promoting the healing of wounds.

10% ferulic acid

New composition in the dermatological field with a powerful antioxidising and protective action of the cellular DNA.


  • Antioxidising: powerful antioxidant that neutralises the action of free radicals and enhances the antioxidising benefits of vitamins such as C and E, preventing photoageing. Increases the protection of the products with SPF.
  • Protects cellular DNA against solar damage and prevents the formation of solar lesions, also accelerating the recovery of the skin after the sun.
  • Protects the dermal structure, where the collagen, elastin and capillaries are.
  • Depìgmentingaction by controlling the action of the tyrosinase enzyme, preventing and clarifying darkspots and pigmentation.

High compatibility with the current aesthetic procedures:surgical and non‐ablative (resurfacing laser, messotherapy, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, filler substances). Applied before these treatments it helps to smooth and condition the skin, providing antioxidising and hydrating benefits and improving the anti‐ageing and therapeutical effects of these procedures.


Germaine de Capuccinihas developed a formula with a high concentration and purity of Retinol, one of the ingredients with higher anti‐ageing effectiveness.

PURE RETINOL CONCENTRATE 1.0 is a highly concentrated oily solution formulated based on 1% pure Retinol with a powerful anti‐wrinkles action. This powerful base of retinol provides an intense cellular renewal and an increase of collagen production to achieve smooth, soft and luminous skin.


Cell renewal action: retinol balances the cellular renewal process from the deepest layers. This constant renewal preserves the skin’s youthfulness.

Collagenstimulating action: retinol activates the natural production of collagen, improving firmness and minimising expression lines and wrinkles.

An essential ingredient in every antiageing treatment due to:

Its high concentration of Retinol (1% of Pure Vitamin A).

  • The optimal stability and integrity of Retinol in an airtight container. Its balanced formulation and manufacture and packaging in an inert environment, with absence of oxygen and light, guarantee all the effectiveness of the product until the moment of its use.
  • Its ideal texture in the form of dry oil allows an easy and fast absorption.
  • Its action that enhances and prolongs the renewing and antiageing action of CLINICAL PEEL AOX SYSTEM (BIONIC + FERULIC). Ideal for sealing the treatment.
  • Its great versatility, as it can be applied in all the antiageing aesthetic procedures.
    • due to its intense action application to sensitive or reactive skin should be avoided.
    • Exposure to the sun should be avoided and may cause desquamation, redness and
  • itching, a totally normal reaction for this level of retinol treatment.


Treatments from £40


Pure Retinol Concentrate: £48.50 (12 ampoules)


Available in spas nationwide and