METHODE REGENERANTE is the revitalising synergy care that specifically restores the complexion’s vitality, resilience and radiance. When the skin loses its radiance, becoming dehydrated and showing signs of wrinkles it is not always due to aging.


Stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to the complexion losing its rosy glow and ending up looking tired and tense. These factors combined with negative environmental influences such as air pollution, climate change, extreme temperature differences, as well as hormonal changes, are some of the factors that cause the skin’s cell metabolism to slow down. This means that‘bad’ cell proteins cannot besufficiently broken down which results in an accumulation of surplus “cell waste” in the skin which can lead to cell damage.


The result is a significant decrease of the most vital skin functions such as collagen and elastin synthesis, the natural renewal of cell energy and the skin’s different protective and metabolic mechanisms that are responsible for a healthy and freshly radiant complexion.


With METHODE REGENERANTE La Biosthétique has developed a system care that restores youthful radiance to any skin at any age.


La Biosthétique exclusively relies on active and natural substances that focus on improving the skins condition, strengthening the complexion’s resistance and positively influencing the vibrancy of the skin.


METHODE REGENERANTE consists of two highly effective products with special effects that stimulate the skin’s vital functions and effectively protect it from environmental pollution and other stress factors:


CREME VITALITE – a revitalising intensive care cream for day and night.

The main ingredients in this day and night care are the brown algae winged kelp that improves the skin structure; Snow crocus, a bulb extract that acts as a collagen booster,and thus stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process; A cell and DNA protection complex of rice, sugar beet and rosemary extract that protects the cells from oxidative stress and calms and stabilises the skin; Karité butter as a care expert and supplier of essential unsaturated fatty acids that provides natural protection from
environmental pollution.


CREME VITALITE is applied to face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening and gently massaged in after cleansing.

For a particularly rich and intensive care experience, you can enrich CREME VITALITE by mixing it in your palm with two drops of ELIXIR VITALITE and applying to the skin.


ELIXIR VITALITE is a richly nourishing, calming oil concentrate that is particularly used for increased care requirements such as particularly dry skin, cold temperatures or a visible lack of fatty acids or other nutrients. The following ingredients are active in the regenerative oil: Winged kelp, the brown algae type that improves the skin structure; a nourishing repair and protection complex of blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower oil concentrate thatstrengthens the skin’s barrier with its omega 3-/6 fattyacids, and protects stressed tissue whilst calming the skin and preventing inflammatory reactions; a cell and DNA protection complex of rice, sugar beet and rosemary extract that protects the cells from oxidative stress and calms and stabilises the skin; lupin seed extract that improves the connective tissue’s collagen structure, preventing inflammation and resulting in increased skin thickness with more resilience.


ELIXIR VITALITE is applied every evening after cleansing and toning the skin. Apply two drops of the precious oil to the moist skin of face, neck and décolleté, and gently massage in.


For particularly high care requirements ELIXIR VITALITE can be applied on its own as an intensive treatment in the morning and evening or before subsequent care.


ELIXIR VITALITE is ideally used in combination with CREME VITALITE or creams from other La Biosthétique care systems.



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