Kebelo, the brand behind leading in-salon hair smoothing system Kebelo ADVANTAGE (the first-ever in-house treatment to provide smooth hair in just one hour, that lasts up to 100 days), the recently launched Kebelo BONDAGE (the revolutionary strengthening treatment that is used as part of a colour service to visibly strengthen hair bonds),and Kebelo RETAIL (which incorporates four compact ranges of prescriptive products designed to respond to all haircare textures and needs) is proving to be a pioneer, not only in hair treatments, but also in business.


The brand’s 360 Salon business package is giving select salons the opportunity to become fully incorporated within the Kebelo brand, complete with dedicated assistance in key areas integral to a salon’s success, including marketing, business development and retail.


As a member of the brand’s 360 Salon scheme, hair salons can benefit from the success of Kebelo’s services and products, with the added bonus of an all-encompassing business package.


360 Salon works as a partnership between a salon and the Kebelo brand: Kebelo provides direct help in business planning, training and marketing, while the salon owner takes a hands-on approach towards developing their business, is pro-active in their retailing and demonstrates dedication to putting their clients first. Due to the two-way nature of the relationship, Kebelo only invites select salons to become a 360 Salon.


As explained by Benjamin Shipman, Marketing Manager of Kebelo: “Only a handful of salons in a geographical area are considered, from which the ones we choose to become 360 Salons will have one thing in common: an unrivalled dedication toward their clients and team.”
The benefits to becoming a 360 Salon are abundant: Kebelo provides quarterly business plans, a luxury in-salon retail display, bespoke marketing pack, dedicated account manager, on-going team coaching and monthly promotions. In-house training in consultative retailing and products, along with regular free ‘Smooth Operator’ workshops are also part of the package. These full-day workshops focus on the Kebelo ADVANTAGE treatment to help salons build their smoothing business, ensuring that they know how to market and grow it while making a healthy profit. All of this combined means that staff are fully trained in upselling products and services, leading to a substantial increase in sales.


However, as Benjamin points out, making a profit, despite being an inevitability, shouldn’t be the driving force: “At Kebelo our aim is to make sure clients always have the best possible experience when they visit a salon. While a 360 Salon will always do more – and inevitably make more – we can be confident that above all else we are inspiring client loyalty.”


By providing effective training, powerful business building tools and high end merchandising, Kebelo is truly covering 360 degrees of a 360 Salon’s service and retail business.